Tracie Seagrott

Remote Practice Manager

I always feel grateful for what I do. Taking care of others is well within my comfort zone. I started vet nursing in 1988 in a one man practice on the Northern Beaches. After a few years I moved to the sunny Central Coast and found work here at Killarney Vale Vet Clinic, a few years later Dr Katrina bought the practice and we formed a working relationship and friendship I highly value.


Recently I have graduated from university with a Bachelor of Social Science, anthropology/Sociology major. My interest is in the human/animal bond and how important that bond has been to us from ancient civilisations to working alongside and with us today.


I own (or rather they own me) three fat cats and I am slowly gaining the reputation of being a ‘crazy cat lady’! I am embracing my new position in the clinic as practice manager and coming to work is a pleasure.