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Welcome to Killarney Vale Veterinary Clinic

Your Pet’s Health is in Good Hands

At Killarney Vale Veterinary Clinic we pride ourselves on being a team of confident,  ethical and warm-hearted veterinary professionals.


We encourage open and honest communication enabling our clients to make informed and  responsible decisions concerning their pet’s health and well-being.

To ensure both our clients and patients feel safe and respected we deliver quality pet healthcare  for all life stages with the highest levels of compassion.


As pet owners, we understand the human/animal bond and how important that connection is.


This alone motivates us for continual improvement through learning and sharing, never losing sight of our patients’ and clients’ changing needs.


Killarney Vale Veterinary Clinic has implemented contactless protocols to ensure we keep you,

your pets and the team safe and well.

What this looks like:


  • Our front door will be locked.

  • Please phone the clinic for all appointments or make bookings online.

  • Pre-order all medication/food over the phone. Payment over the phone is preferred.

  • On arrival, please stay in your car and phone the clinic, a team member will assist and organise an
    agreed location to collect your pet/s or to pick up medication/food

  • All pets will be returned to this agreed location after their visit with the vet.

  • Please ensure you bring a fully charged phone with you so the team can communicate with you and the vet can discuss your pet’s health.

"We thank you for your patience and understanding as we all work through this together.

Please understand that our phone lines are extra busy and we will get to you.

We will continue to enforce these measures as a means to keep our team as safe as possible
so they can keep doing the wonderful job of taking care of your pets".

Stay well

S T A Y    W E L L!!!

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Services We Provide

How We Provide Care


Vaccination has allowed us to control many infectious diseases in our pets.  By keeping your pet’s vaccinations up to date, you not only protect your pet from disease but also help to reduce the incidence of these diseases in the wider pet population... 

Flea Control

There are multitudes of flea control products on the market and they all treat fleas in slightly different ways. They all work within their limitations but they don’t all suit all animals...


The purpose of microchips is to enable us to get in touch with you should your pet go missing. For this reason it is vital to ensure that your details are correct and up-to-date on the microchip register... 

Tick Control

The Paralysis Tick is common along the eastern coast of Australia and they are present on the Central Coast. We can see cases of tick paralysis at any time of year but they are most common during spring and early summer...


Did you know 8 out every 10 pets have some form of dental disease! This is an outstanding number and if treated in the early stages we can greatly reduce the risks of permanent damage and other health problems related to poor oral health...


Regular worming for intestinal parasites is essential to keep these nasties away. We recommend every three months. A great way to remember is the start of each season and don’t worry if you forget, our reminder system will send you a text. Puppies and kittens have a different schedule for the first 6 months...


Along with regular exercise and veterinary care, careful nutrition is the best way you can contribute to your pet's prolonged good health. These are the basic nutrients every pet needs... 


Our sense of responsibility doesn't end just because you've taken your pet to a specialist. If you find yourself faced with difficult decisions regarding the recommended treatment, we'll be pleased to help you evaluate your options...

Medical Consultations

Every pet that comes to visit will be given a thorough medical examination from head to tail. One of our dedicated vets will make sure that your pet receives the best care possible and is ready to answer all your concerns...


The ultrasound is a great piece of equipment that allows our vets to take a look inside your pets body to really see what’s going on. It’s pain free and we get to the answers quick...

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography can tell us a lot of things that the naked eye can’t. Our vets are fantastic but do lack superman’s x-ray vision! The imaging allows the vets to get quick results...

Labratory Services

Making sure your pet receives the best medical treatment starts with the right diagnosis. We run many in house and external tests because your pet’s health is our priority and fast and accurate results means we can get your pet feeling better sooner...

DNA Testing

Have you ever had family debates over the breed of your dog? We can take the guess work out for you. A non-invasive test will uncover the family tree of your dog, how good is that! You will receive, in as little as four weeks, a comprehensive report on your dog’s genealogy…no more family disputes!

Euthanasia & Aftercare

Saying goodbye to a pet is one of the hardest goodbyes you will ever say. At Killarney Vale Vets, we want this to be an experience that is both dignified and meaningful to both you and your beloved pet. Each one of us is a pet owner and know too well the absolute heartache felt when we say goodbye. We have many options for aftercare and we are more than happy to discuss these further...

Heartworm Testing & Medication

Not to be confused with intestinal worms, heartworm is a worm that targets the heart and is spread by infected mosquitos. This is a preventable disease by giving either oral or topicalmedication or better still, a yearly injection. If your pet hasn’t been on any treatment then a quick test is required first, results are given in 10 minutes...

Arthritis Treatments

Just like us, our pets suffer from painful arthritis. We can help alleviate this pain through a course of injections and adding some supplements to their diets. An x-ray is a great way to determine the extent of the arthritic changes in your pet...

Puppy Pre-School

Have you got an over excited or maybe a very timid puppy? Puppy pre-school is a fantastic introductory course in creating well-mannered and confident dogs. You’ll be proud showing off your pooch at the beach or café. Courses run one evening a week for four weeks. Pups will be able to sit, stay and come, and you will receive a wealth of knowledge on how best to train your dog...

House Calls

While bringing your pet into the clinic is more ideal, we do understand sometimes it can be difficult with transportation. In these circumstances, we can accommodate you with a house call. Please call a few days prior so arrangements can be made...


Meet The Team

Katrina Woods

BVSc MVS Veterinarian

Kathryn Lewis

BVSc Veterinarian

Ashley Darby

BVSc Veterinarian

Brad McPartland



Nicole Edwards

BVSc (Hons)


Tracie Seagrott

Remote Practice Manager

B. Soc. Sci

Kylie Boulton

Cert IV

Head Vet Nurse / Manager

Alanna Freer

Cert IV


Cert IV


Cert IV


Cert IV


Cert IV


Deceased, but her spirit lives on!!


Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
Sat: 9am - 12pm
Sun: Closed

152 Wyong Road, Killarney Vale NSW 2261

(02) 4334 2002

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