Veterinary Nurse

For as long as I can remember I have been in love with the world of animals. Growing up as a kid,
teenager, and now a young adult. No matter the creature I’ve always had a soft spot for those that
cannot communicate how they feel in the way that humans can, but in a way that is different and


In 2017 I volunteered at a remote elephant rehabilitation foundation in Sri Lanka; their mission was
to provide a safe home and ongoing care for the elephants that are involved in the Buddhist
festivals, and rescuing injured elephants. After my travels I decided to move from my family home in
Forster and have now completed my Cert II in Animal Studies and am at the tail end of my Cert IV in
Veterinary Nursing.

I now live on the Central Coast and have immersed myself in the experiences of a small animal clinic and putting my accumulating knowledge into practise. I enjoy constantly learning from all the
amazing staff at Killarney Vale Veterinary Hospital and communicating with clients; I hope to gain
experience with large animals one day also.